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How to target memory mapped by pcie testbench?

hi guys!!:) 


I'm try simulate a PCIe communication and I'm setup a testbench. 

I just use BAR0 whose size is 4MBytes - 22bit. 


The address of that memories slaves are: 

Memorie 1 : 0x0000_0000 - 0x001f_ffff 

Memorie 2 : 0x0020_0000 - 0x0020_3fff 

Memorie 3 : 0x0020_4000 - 0x0020_41ff 

memorie 4 : 0x0020_4200 - 0x0020_420f 


Well I need to target the fourth memory, but I've cant to get good results. 


In the testbench there's a task which target a memory. The next is the code: 



bar_table, // bar size/address info for endpoint 

tgt_bar, // bar to access target memory with 

32'h0000, // starting offset from bar  

512 // length of memory to test 512  



my questions are next::confused: 

How I can to target to the fourth memory mapped?? 


That code can let me to target to fourth memory mapped? 


Well, I've setup two parameters and code was like: 



bar_table, // BAR Size/Address info for Endpoint 

tgt_bar, // BAR to access target memory with 

24'h204200, // starting offset from bar  

16 // length of memory to test 512  




I've changed that parameters because the 4th memory begin in 0x0020_42 and the length of that memory is 16.(but it doesn't work):cry:
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