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How to update uboot's marvell phy driver?


Hi~ I am debugging Arria10 SOC (10AS057K4F40E3SG)

I have a Marvell PHY driver's mode setting issue. (Quartus Pro 18.1 edition)

I am using marvell 88E1512 device. and I set the PHY mode to RGMII to SGMII. 

Before I complie the kernel, I changed 1512's mode parameter in the drivers/net/phy/marvell.c file. 

When I completely boot the kernel, ping test works well. It means mode was set correctly.

But when I boot the uboot only, uboot's ping test fails. 88E1512 does not work as I intended.  I used <mii write> commands but it looks like monitoring copper side only.

I want to use the ethernet using an uboot.(for TFTP server & core.rbf download)

I am suspicious the uboot's 88E1512 driver. 1512 was released recently(2018) and there is no information about this, in the uboot's marvell.c driver file.

But new uboot source(at the github) code includes the 1512's driver code in marvell.c

Should I just change marvell.c file only?

Anyway I want to change 88E1512's mode on the uboot.


How do you think about this?  Your comments are very helpful for me! 



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Helo there,

You will also need to change the phy mode in the Uboot device tree.

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