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I have a problem using the JTAG to program stratix 10 1SG 085 HN3 F43 E1VG. I have the follow error -> Error (18950) : Device has stopped receiving configuration data Error (18948) : Error message received from device: Device is in configura


My circuit design no need to use the any Transceiver and 3V I/O pinany Transceiver and 3V I/O pin. so all the power pin of Transceiver tie to GND that mention on the Stratix 10 device Family Pin connection Guidelines Page 19

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Try the following steps mentioned in the S10 user guide : , under the following section:


3.1.1. Specifying Parameters and Options


Follow these steps to specify the Power Management and VID parameters and


1. Create an Intel Quartus Prime project using the New Project Wizard available

from the File menu.

2. On the Assignments menu, click Device.

3. On the Device dialog box, click Device and Pin Options.

4. On the Device and Pin Options dialog box, click Configuration.

5. On the Configuration page, specify the VID Operation mode. There are two

modes available—PMBus Master and PMBus Slave.

6. Both the PMBus Master and PMBus Slave modes require the PWMGT_SDA and

PWMGT_SCL pins. For the PMBus Slave mode, additional PWRMGT_ALERT pin is

required. To configure these pins, on the Configuration page, click

Configuration Pin Options. For the configuration pin parameters, refer to Table

7 on page 24.

7. On the Configuration Pin dialog box, assign the appropriate SDM_IO pin to the

power management pins. Click OK.

8. On the Device and Pin Options dialog box, click Power Management and VID

to specify the device settings if your device is in the PMBus Master mode. Click

OK. For the power management and VID parameters, refer to Table 8 on page


This completes the SmartVID setup for the Intel Stratix 10 device.



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