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Intel HLS Compiler Waveform Simulation terminating

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I am working with Quartus 17.1 and I have compiled a project using HLS. I am able to generate the project directory and the associated verilog files. I have used the -ghdl flag while using i++ to compile for the Arria10 FPGA platform. The vsim.wlf is generated in the <project_dir>/verification folder and I am able to open that on Modelsim as well. However, when I run the project executable, I receive the message "The simulation process encountered an error and has been terminated." 


This is the error generated by the transcript.log file of Modelsim. This is attached as intel_hls_simulation_error.png below. 


Curious, I went ahead to look at the specified line in the transcript. That is attached as break_in_module.png below. I am not able to make sense of this error. I tried to run the the given example files as well, however, I faced the same issue. The simulation got terminated that time as well. Therefore, I do not believe it is my HLS code which is breaking the simulation. 


I do not understand the reason for this. Please provide inputs or fixes, if any. Thank you! 


NOTE: I am working with Centos 6.8 and have the necessary packages installed. I used to use Centos 7.4 but had to revert to 6.8 upon finding out that arbitrary datatypes were not being supported in Centos 7.4.
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Can you please provide the whole log file. Generally the issue with windows is the long path or in simulation there is not enough memory. I can tell more with the log.