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Interrupt Question help.

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Hello I am using a cyclone V GTX starter kit board. I have been using it for a while and have done a lot with it.  


I have been following the guide at this link, 

Yes I know it is different then the system i built in qsys and compiled in quartus then tested on my board.  


The interrupt stuff starts on part 3, like page 17ish is where the code is. Is where I’m having the problems. I have set up my nios 2 system. My lights, leds, interval timer, and pushbutton all work. My interrupt does not. I do have it set up in Qsys, set to edge specifically. I also follow the code in the above guide to activate the mask and the status registers. I set up edge capture also.  


When I start a new project in Intel FPGA monitor Program on the memory tab I use the drop down and change the selected item from basic to exceptions. That changes the options below from .test to .text, .reset, exception.  


Now to my question. What files go where? what is in each file? What gets added to the intel FPGA monitor program.  


When i put each as their own file. Main file with .text, reset file with .reset in it and exception file with .exception in it then added all 3 to the monitoring program I got errors. So I only now add the main program.  


Now as for what goes in what file allow me to elaborate. The first section of code starts on page 17 of the link with .equ KEY1, 0 and stop on the next page with .end . I assume the name of this file is key_codes.s. This assumption comes from page 20 the .include "key_codes.s". Much like C you need to# include files you want to add. So then that leads to me think the Pushbutton_ISR is its own file.  


The reset section, does this get it's own file? I notice there is no .end There is a .end after exceptions section do these both go in the same file? When i set up a new project in Intel FPGA Monitor Program the memory setting drop down has exceptions and they are 3 parts. .reset, .exceptions, .text. This makes me think 3 files. I've tried that it didn't work, tried as one file didn't work. Tried as two didn't work  


I am kind of lost as to what might be going wrong. I think it has to do with the interaction with the reset and exception not being set up right. Or a point in the right direction would be great. I am doing this in the nios instruction set also as opposed to C, which makes it a bit more fun.
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