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License issue with Quartus II 6.0

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I have been designing projects using Quartus II 6.0 / NIOS II 6.0 which I got by purchasing a EP2c35 development board in 2006. ( the devices used are mostly Cyclone II) 

I have been able to compile and program boards with this software till 2015 on a particular PC XP. 

Unfortunately the PC got crashed and had to be reformatted. 


(BTW ,the reason I do not want to upgrade to higher Versions ( like 13.0 which come with license) is that in these versions the SOPC builder is replaced by QSys which requires redesign and relearning the new concepts. ) 


Now when I load the ver 6.0 software from the CDs , I am unable to get a proper license to compile successfully. 

On the advise of Altera support, I obtained a license file( for versions earlier than 8.0) but I get this error when generating a system with SOPC builder 


============================================# 2018.02.21 12:32:01 (*) Starting generation for system: CAS4018A_feb2018_system. 

...# 2018.02.21 12:32:03 (*) Running Generator Program for cpu_0# 2018.02.21 12:32:04 (*) IP functional simulation model enabled: Uncheck System Generation Simulation box for faster generation if HDL Simulation not required.# 2018.02.21 12:32:05 (*) Checking for plaintext license.# 2018.02.21 12:32:05 (*) Plaintext license not found.# 2018.02.21 12:32:05 (*) Checking for encrypted license (non-evaluation).# 2018.02.21 12:32:06 (*) Encrypted license found. SOF will not be time-limited.# 2018.02.21 12:32:14 (*) Creating encrypted HDL# 2018.02.21 12:32:16 (*) Creating IP functional simulation model 

Error: Feature Compiler is not available with your current license, or license does not exist# 2018.02.21 12:32:19 (*) c:/altera/quartus60/bin/quartus_map cpu_0 --simgen --simgen_arbitrary_blackbox="+cpu_0_test_bench;+cpu_0_jtag_debug_module_wrapper" --simgen_parameter=CBX_HDL_LANGUAGE=verilog,SIMGEN_RAND_POWERUP_FFS=OFF,simgen_initialization_file=simgen_init.txt command returned 3 

Error: Generator program  

for module 'cpu_0' did NOT run successfully. 


On examining the license .dat file ( attached ), I find that the expiry date for the software is same as the creation date , in this case 20th Feb 2018. 


How can I continue to use the ver 6.0? 



I have to make a few modifications to the designs I did in 2007 and reprogram the boards and am in urgent need for a resolution of this issue. 


Any help is highly appreciated. 


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Sorry I don't have an answer about the license, maybe only Altera support can, but do you actually need a simulation model for your system? 

It shows in the log that it did find the license and generate an encrypted HDL, but then it stops on a license problem for the simulation model. If you don't need it you can just uncheck it in the "System Generation" tab.