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Linux SD Card Boot Error: Failed to start Connection Service

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I'm using a Cyclone V SoC FPGA Development Kit and am booting Linux from an SD card. I am following instructions from Rocket Boards Cyclone V SoC development guide here  


However when I launch Minicom and warm reset the board, everything is [OK] apart from one thing towards the end of the boot, which reads: 


[FAILED] Failed to start connection service.  

See 'systemctl status connman.service' for details. I have attached screenshot.  


I read it may be due to faulty SD card. If anyone has ran into this problem before, any support would be appreciated! 



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This looks like Linux wasn't able to start the Networking services and connect to network. I guess the OS could not start the ethernet , get the IP configured. But it looks as though the Kernel booted up and you have the command prompt. Did you connect the ethernet cable to the RJ45 port before booting up? If you feel its due to faulty SD card, you could always try with another one.

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HI eapenabrm,  


I'm still getting the same error. I did connect to the RJ45 Port before booting. I investigated the command that printed out I mentioned, and the attached image shows what the output is. Maybe it will be more helpful?