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MAX 10 Modular ADC TSD



I followed instruction from the example project on this page: 

trying to read on-die temperature. 


Whatever settings I try to change (including the original) I keeps reading only slot# 1 out of the 64 of the example, all the others are zeros. 

Even that first one gives me irrational -15/16/17 Celsius degrees (code 3754/6/9). 


I'm using model 10M50DAF256I7G. 


I found vary little on this on the web. 


EDIT 1: 

So the example project does work on the development kit (gives reasonable temperature), with model 10M50DAF484C6GES. 

The question remains why model 10M50DAF256I7G returns unreasonable temperature. 


EDIT 2: 

I tried with another board with 10M50DAF256I7G and it returns even weirder values at around 3800's code.  


EDIT 3: 

With the ADC toolkit I can see changes that makes sense, for example when I try to change the temperature by touching it, and it happens in both models, and with all three boards. 

So I suspect different models return different codes, although it I can't find any references about it and it certainly doesn't say it in the MAX 10 ADC datasheet. Anyone here have a stand about it? 



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Hi Eyar, 

I expirience the same behaviour although on different models. Gives reasonable readings on 10M50DAF484C6GES (development kit), but offset on 10M04,10M08 based boards same Qsys design.