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MAX10 Dual Boot UFM booting problem.

i use DE10-LITE BOARD. it use 10M50DAF484C7G.

i make my Design A and i also make Design B. Design B is only modified LED display.

according to  Embeded Design Handbook 5.2.2., i make .pof file for programming.

nios program is Hello world example.


it was working well. and i try to import RSU example code to Hello world example.

i make .pof file and program to DE10-LITE.


but it was not booting.

sof page 0 and sof page 1 can be switching but UFM was not work.


The only difference between the two .pofs is the size difference of the .hex used. It is 107KB for Hello World project and 303KB for RSU project. And for my program, it is 333KB. I want to know how to make my program boot sucessfully.


my Quartus version is 18.1 LITE

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