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MAX3512AFI256-10 programming issue

Dear Sir 


I don't know who can solve this problem. Kindly direct this mail to the concerned person. 


I am working in India. I bought 90 components of MAX3512AFI256-10. Igot some 12 components soldered on my 12 different boards. 


Each board is having only one CPLD. While doing Programming/Verifying by using Quartus 8.0 or Quartus 5.0, i am getting 98% verified then error comes failed verifying device. Earlier the same boards with some difficulty after some attempts use to get programmed and verified, but now i am unable to program/verify them. I need those boards urgently to be used for integration but they are unusable. 

I tried as per some of your websites suggested: 

1. Use 10K between TMS nd VCC. 

2. Use 1K between TCK and Gnd 

3. Sometimes I used in between TDI and VCC also 10K resistor. 

4. Sometimes I used 4.7K pull up for TDI, TCK, TMS. 

5. sometimes I used 10K in between TCK and VCC 

Nothing helped me to program/verify device, same error after 98%. 

Only this lot components are giving trouble, earlier in other boards i used other lot components they never gave trouble. Kindly suggest how to program/verify them and make them useful. I am in deep urgency and i cannot send all 12 boards for rework. and what about remaining 78 components. 

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