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Major tool bug

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I found a great one today. I tried to generate a VHDL file from a GDF file. 

The tool reports the following: 


Warning (275017): Component "FIFO_192" is not instantiated in the "VHDL" design because none of its input ports or output ports are connected. 


What makes this interesting is that the part has been in there for 3 years and this is the first time the tool complained. Also, it really wants the lines of code for the part. 

I added them manually and it works fine.  


This is a major tool bug that Altera/Intel needs to fix. 


I'm sire they will fix it in the next release. NOT!
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Have you raised a ticket? They dont read their forums. 

And why are you using GDF files? they were last used in Max Plus 2?