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Max10 NEEK for codec design with external master audio clock?

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Hi all. The Terasic Max10 NEEK comes with 24bit stereo I2S codec and audio software. Looks good.  


It looks like it might be a solution for my design, but my design needs external master audio clock, at 49.152MHz. to produce 48KHz. audio rate. 


The Max10 NEEK comes equipped with an on-board master audio clock, likely at a slightly different frequency... likely an integer multiple of 48KHz.  


using the programming tools provided with the board, will i be able to change the codec master clock from on-neek-board to external source from 'user i/o pin'?  

will i be able to change codec driver such that 49.152mhz. master audio clock produces 48khz. audio sample rate (48khz. x 1024 = 49.152mhz.) from the frequency of the max10 neek audio oscillator?  

If the answer is yes, then I am going to purchase the Max10 NEEK - it's already in the 'basket' waiting for 'check out' - but Terasic info/help is on vacation for the next two weeks. If I can find out the answers soon enough, I may be able to have the Max10 NEEK by Friday. any comments or information much appreciated. Thanks for your help. 



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UPDATE: I have a Max10 on the way. Should be here Friday. I'm guessing it won't be that hard to arrange external clock, and no problem in principle to create a new i2S system if necessary. but hopefully a I2C multiplication factor adjustment.