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NIOS II instruction execution time

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Hi there :) 


I have a question that might be a noobie one. I'm developing a test equipment on DE0 nano board in which i need to stream data over Ethernet. 

In my design the ethernet tranmission is handeled by nios ii processor which send the needed data to WIZ5300 (mapped as avalon memmory mapped slave). 

I'm facing problems in acheiving the required throuhput  

after some investigation, although the processor is working on 140MHz clock generated from PLL. the execution of simple for loop just toggling a led takes around 2us per iteration. which i find an absolutely huge time for this clock frequency. 


I'm wondering how can i know the execution time of the NIOS II instructions when coding in C (using HAL).  

Is there any kind of configuration that i might be missing ?
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