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Need assistance with Setting up transceiver for C5G dev board

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Hello all, 


I'm currently designing a basic BERT using the cyclone 5 gx dev board. The problem I'm having right now is that while I'm only getting time analysis warnings, the transmitters don't appear to be transmitting anything on my board. 


I'm fairly new to the FPGA/VHDL programming scene, so I was wondering if a more experience eye could look at my work thus far and point out where I might be going wrong. I'm sure there's plenty wrong with my code right now, but I'm mainly just looking for some basic tips and any ideas why my transmitters might not be working. 


My file's a bit large to put as an attachment here, so I'm putting a google drive link for anyone who wishes to assist. If there's a more preferable way, please let me know. 


I'm looking forward to your responses and learning more about using Quartus/VHDL.
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Just an update: 


Fixed a couple odd wires I had going through the design (had RX_Cal going to a clock input instead of RX clock). 


Still trying to get transmitter to actually send data. I used LEDs in the design to check to see what statuses are there. Both the TX and RX ready ports on the controller are good, but the transmitter is still sending nothing at all. This is confirmed using an optical power meter. 


Any ideas, folks?