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OpenCL Licence with new Altera Board?

I've downloaded the OpenCL SDK however when i compile it tells me "Can't find a valid license for the Altera SDK for OpenCL". Now I have seen this error before on other forum posts, however, I am running on a 30-day trial and I work in an environment where they use a proxy. I am unable to connect to Altera licensing centre which makes me think the proxy does not allow me to connect and the trial is not validated.  


So, if I was to buy a new board Stratix V or Cyclone V etc, would the licence it comes with support OpenCL? Or is that another licence I need to purchase separately. Ultimately, we have a Stratix IV here but the licence has run out and I am not sure if Alteras OpenCL SDK will support older models of the FPGAs.  


If I look under Quartus in Tools > Licence Setup, I can see that it is constantly 'searching' for devices and the licence file is not there. Trial ends on July 14 2016.
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