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PDIUSBD12 driver

This is a driver for the Phillips PDIUSBD12 USB chip for eCos. It doesn't function 100 %. With the testprogram in the zip-file I get it recognized as a HID-device and I can transmitt data to the application but not from it. In addition to the control endpoint one IN and one OUT endpoint is supported. But there might be some problems on the OUT endpoint as I have said.  


There is a folder under called pdiusbd12 with a Verilog and a ptf file in it, just copy this to your nios2/components folder and the PDIUSBD12 will show up in SOPC Builder.  


I have packaged the eCos part as a epk-package, but I don''t know if it was done properly, so the source of the driver is the also in plain ascii. I have added my ecos.db file to the package also, so it's possible to see there for a template which has the driver in it.  


I have tried to comment the driver as well as I could. The comments in the testprogram is in Norwegian, but I believe the code almost explains itself.  


The driver is under the eCos lisence, and the file ctlhandler.c probably are too. So then the whole testprogram might be under the eCos license too. 


I hope it can be useful for someone.  


Ole Kristian Tørresen
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Re: PDIUSBD12 driver

Sorry,I downloaded it.But it contains nothing. 

will you uploadit again?Thanks.
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