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PDN tool for Cyclone V HPS

Hi, everybody. 

I'm trying to use PDN2 tool to calculate decoupling capacitors. It's not clear how to include HPS core dynamic current into calculations. In the report (PowerPlay Power Analyzer->Current Drawn From Voltage Supplies) VCCIO_HPS : 0 mA, VCCPD_HPS: 0 mA, VCC_HPS: 12.88 (static), 0 (dynamic), but in HPS Power Calculator Dialog Box it is said that for 2 cores HPS power consumption is 1.4 W. Does it mean that I have to assign 1.4/1.1 V = 1.27 A value for VCC_HPS power rail in the PDN table?  

Also gate-level simulation for Cyclone V isn't available, so I'm not sure that Power Analysis is precise... 


I use de0-nano-soc as a reference and see that guys from Terrasic use a lot of capacitors with different values (so it seems they used PDN tool too), but I get for my project about 4-5 capacitors for 3.3 V and 4-5 capacitors for 1.1 V and that seems suspicious :)
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