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PROBLEM WHILE RUNNING demo_squeezenet_download_convert_run.bat AND demo_security_barrier_camera.bat


Hi, I am Debashis I have installed Openvino version 2020.3 with FPGA support on Windows, while I am running the above two demos that are 

1. demo_squeezenet_download_convert_run.bat

2. demo_security_barrier_camera.bat

I have installed the following software dependencies

  • Microsoft visual studio with ms build 2019
  • CMake 3.14.0
  • python 3.6
  • open cv 4.5

Also, I have the latest version of Windows and Intel i7(9th generation) it was showing that cmake was not recognized as an internal or external command or batch file. Kindly please tell how to fix this problem as soon as possible. Here is the screenshoot of the screen below.

Yours Hopefully

Debashis Roy

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