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Problem with NIOS2 Flash Programmer --> Quartus II 16.1 version

Hallo there, 


a while back I had asked some questions regarding packing the .sof and .elf files in to one file to be copied directly to the Flash device. This has worked fine on Quartus 11sp1. Now the development is migrating to Quartus 16.1 and i am experiencing problem with the very basic firmware programming using the Nios2-Flash-Programmer.  


Please note, that I am able to generate the .jic file for my firmware (.sof and Nios Software) using "Convert Programming Files" and I can successfully write it to my flash and after a reboot the new updated software starts.  


I have attached screen shots of the error message I receive with the flash programmer. And I have also attached the  


Error Code 8 is the error code but there does not seem to any elaboration of this code.  


Also "No CFI Table found at address 0x03800000". My FPGA Configuration has a EPCS64 flash device. So this message also does not make any sense to me.  


I would greatly appreciate any insight or assistence regarding this issue.  


Thank you very much in advance.
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Is it a genuine EPCS64 device, or a third party serial FLASH device with the same capacity? The Nios programmer only supports a small number of serial FLASH parts by default - including genuine Altera/Intel EPCS64 devices. 


Have a look at this post: which discusses how to allow the Nios programmer to support other FLASH devices. Note: what you add to your nios2-flash-override file might not be exactly as discussed in the post - this depends on the exact device you have fitted. 


If this doesn't solve it attach the whole trace from the Nios programmer to this post.