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Qsys creating the wrong number of bits for some native_phy_tx buses

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In Qsys, I have specified a straightforward TX/RX duplex transceiver with 4 channels.  

After Generate in Qsys, the block symbol shows that the serial and data I/O busses contain exactly the correct numbers of bits. 

However, several other I/Os have width 8, instead of 4: rx_datak, rx_disperr, rx_errdetect, rx_patterndetect, rx_runningdisp, rx_syncstatus, and tx_datak 


There was an earlier version of the design that instantiated the transceiver with 8 channels, but the design has been revised thoroughly. 

Could there be a lingering "design state" variable that I'm unaware of? 


What else might be going on? 


Hopeful thanks in advance for suggestions or insight.
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My apologies for a rookie error, now rectified. 


I was relying on the block symbol tile in qsys, instead of copying and pasting from the _bb.v file generated by qsys. 

The fitter problem arose because I had specified too many unused TX outputs.