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Quartus Error 35030

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I have a Cyclone V HPS design on the SoCKit board which includes some custom logic connecting to LOANIO. 

My custom logic basically replaces the SPIM0 module in the HPS, so I took the SPIM0[CLK, MISO, MOSI, SS] and clicked LOANIO so I could pass them to the outside world. 


I initially got the 12016 error "Net hps_spisensor_MISO", which fans out to '<long text...>LOANIO69' is connecting a Partition with logic other than a single Bidirectional pin". I wasn't sure what this meant, but I got rid of the error by changing my ghrd_top.v file's, MISO declaration from "input" to "inout". This seemed fishy. The below errors are all for the remainder of the signals in my custom logic, which are all outputs. 


Next I started seeing error 35030: "Partition "<long text>:border" contains I/O cells that do not connect to top-level pins or have illegal connectivity" 

Followed by several 35032: "Output port '<long text>hps_io_gpio_inst_LOANIO57[0]' on partition '<long text>:border' must drive a top level pin but is driving '<long text> :border|gpio_inst". 

Followed by several 13176: "Port I_GPIO1_PORTA_I of HPS atom '<long text>hps_gio_gpio_inst_LOANIO57[0]~output' must be connected to a top level pin" 

etc, etc. 


Below shows the relevant portions of the "ghrd_top.v" file showing how I'm doing the loan IO. 


`include "top/config_soc.v" 

module ghrd_top ( 

output wire hps_spisensor_CLK,  

output wire hps_spisensor_MOSI,  

inout wire hps_spisensor_MISO, // I had to change this from input to inout 

output wire hps_spisensor_CSN,  



// internal wires and registers declaration 

wire [66:0] loan_io_in; 

wire [66:0] loan_io_out; 

wire [66:0] loan_io_oe; 

wire spisensor_clk_internal; 

wire spisensor_mosi_internal; 

wire spisensor_miso_internal; 

wire spisensor_csn_internal;  

assign loan_io_out[57] = spisensor_clk_internal; 

assign loan_io_out[58] = spisensor_mosi_internal; 

assign loan_io_out[59] = 1'b0; // arbitrary 

assign loan_io_out[60] = spisensor_csn_internal; 

assign loan_io_oe[57] = 1'b0; 

assign loan_io_oe[58] = 1'b0; 

assign loan_io_oe[60] = 1'b0; 

assign spisensor_miso_internal = loan_io_in[59]; 


soc_system u0 ( 

.hps_0_h2f_loan_io_in (loan_io_in), 

.hps_0_h2f_loan_io_out (loan_io_out), 

.hps_0_h2f_loan_io_oe (loan_io_oe), 

.hps_0_hps_io_hps_io_gpio_inst_LOANIO57 (hps_spisensor_CLK), 

.hps_0_hps_io_hps_io_gpio_inst_LOANIO58 (hps_spisensor_MOSI), 

.hps_0_hps_io_hps_io_gpio_inst_LOANIO59 (hps_spisensor_MISO), 

.hps_0_hps_io_hps_io_gpio_inst_LOANIO60 (hps_spisensor_CSN), 

.sensormaster_0_sensorconduit_spi_clk_out (spisensor_clk_internal), 

.sensormaster_0_sensorconduit_spi_cs_n (spisensor_csn_internal), 

.sensormaster_0_sensorconduit_spi_miso (spisensor_miso_internal), 

.sensormaster_0_sensorconduit_spi_mosi (spisensor_mosi_internal),  




I could not paste the image properly, so attached are some snapshots.
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Did you connect everything correctly in the Pin Planner as well?

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Did you connect everything correctly in the Pin Planner as well? 

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After changing all my four signals to "inout" at ghrd_top.v, I was able to get everything to build, and the Pin Planner showed these correctly as either input or output, depending on the pin. Those were read-only fields. 


When I switch back and declare my signals an "input" or "output", the Pin Planner shows these as "Bidir". In all cases the Pin Planner assign the correct BGA pin. 


The other SPI port, ie SPIM1, which I didn't mess with, shows the correct direction in Pin Planner and the top file.