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Is Quartus Prime the same thing as Quartus II?

Are both packages free?

Do both have support for NIOS II?


Scott S.


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-Quartus II software is an old name used before changing to Quartus Prime software.

My recommendation is to check which devices that you are using and download/install the latest supported Quartus version. fyi, Quartus lite version 21.1 is the latest version as of now.

  1. Visit the FPGA Software Download Center page.
  2. Using the left-hand filter pane to refine the search results

-Only Quartus II web edition and Quartus Prime Lite edition is free to use without requires a license file.

Do remind that there is some feature limitation to what the tools can support.

You may checkout this to know more about the Quartus Prime Pro vs Standard vs Lite differences:

Web vs Subscription Edition:

-Yes, both support Nios II. In fact, the Nios II EDS is now automatically installed as part of the Intel® Quartus® Prime or legacy Quartus® II software. No additional download is required.

Best Regards,

Richard Tan

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