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Remote update: MSM reads wrong after remote_update reset

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I read MSM state in the application mode just after system is powered up and reset signal is released; factory image sets watchdog timer before reconfiguration, but I get MSM state as 01 (application/no-watchdog). 


However when I perform reset during system operation, triggering re-reading of MSM, it reads properly as 11. 


Further, in the former situation with power-up and reset if I do not read MSM immediately, but toggle reset_timer and wait several cycles before it, MSM is got read properly as 11. 


Is there any documentation available how to get MSM value's watchdog state in application image reliably? It seems to be related to 


- need to reset watchdog timer at least once to have it set properly? 

- need to wait several clock cycles (then how many)? 


I did not see such information in the Altera documentation. Device: Cyclone III.
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