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Replacing EPCS128 with EPCQ128A configuration memory

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Since the EPCS128 configuration memory is difficult to buy, we are trying to replace it with EPCQ128A. 

The main difference when only using one data pin, is that the sector size is different. 256 kB on EPCS128 and 64 kB on EPCQ128A. 

So I changed the sector erase size from 256 kB to 64 kB, which works great on EPCQ128A, but for some reason it does not work on the old EPCS128. 

I would prefer to use the same image for both devices and this approach should only erase the same sector 4 times when EPCS128 is used. Is there anyone that have an idea on why it does not work? 


I was considering reading the memory capacity ID, but it seem to be the same for EPCS128 and EPCQ128A. Is there another way to read out if it is a EPCS128 or EPCQ128A device? 


I'm using "ASMI Parallel Intel FPGA IP Core" to read, write and erase the memory. 


/ Joakim
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I found the problem. Erasing the same sector 4 times, takes 4 times as long time, so I got a timeout / buffer overflow.

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