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TCLK Drive requirements


We have an Icelake-D Xeon Microprocessor, installed on a router PCB. 

I believe the part number is D-1700.

We are driving the TCLK input ( AH-51 ) using a TI CPU JTAG Translator 74AXC8T245 , with output voltage set to 1.01 volts. This pin on the microprocessor pulls the data line voltage (VOH) to 0.633 volts. 

I am looking for the drive requirements for the TCLK input for this microprocessor.






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Thank you for your recent inquiry. However, I would like to inform you that this forum page only supports FPGA-related products and not the Icelake-D Xeon Microprocessor products you are inquiring about.

I suggest posting your question on a forum page that supports the microprocessor. This will enable you to receive a more accurate and relevant response.

(I am not familiar with these products, and this is the closest forum page that I could find that is related to Intel Xeon)

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,

Richard Tan

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