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TRDB-D5M image processing

We're students working with the DE2-115 board and attempting to interface the Terasic provided DE2-115_Camera example with the NIOS II. 

We gray-scaled the video stream and are now trying to interface the example with the NIOS II for image processing. 


In Qsys when trying to add a custom component (our SDRAM) we are receiving problems such as: 

"DQM[4] must be a multiple of the symbol width 8." 

"has write response but no write interface" 


We're not sure if we selected the correct parameters for the SDRAM when creating the Qsys component. 

Our DQM should be fine with not having a width of a multiple of 8 since it is just a data mask line. 

We're beginners with using Qsys and are not entirely sure what mistakes we're making. 


Could anybody help us with these errors or direct us to other resources?
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