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VHDL emulate rom in mif file


I'm trying use a fpga EP4CE6F17 with a 8k mif file in a ROM component. With 13 lines from address e 7 lines from date. some 74lvc4245 to correct level voltage. Trying read using a master system console, but without sucess, i'm begin in vhdl, so need some help. below my code

The problem, console not work.

the display and leds is just for debug. Thanks for help


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A few things: 1) I see an instantiation of a ROM, but I don't see a component declaration. 2) How are you initializing the ROM with a .mif file? I don't see a synthesis attribute to do this unless you have created the ROM as an IP and set the .mif as a parameter setting. 3) To use System Console, there is usually a Platform Designer system (.qsys) with a connection from a JTAG-to-Avalon master bridge to a slave interface. Where is that here?



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