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What tool should I use for MAX9000 Family

I tried MAX+PLUS II Baseline, MAX+PLUS II Programmer only, and MAX+PLUS II Advanced Synthesis, but what I found is that there are two issues, at least it seemed so for me. 


1. I wasn't able to get a proper license file. I got the license file on Download Center, but most features were unlicensed though I followed the instructions literally. When I changed "FEATURE maxplus2web alterad ..." to FEATURE maxplus2 alterad ..." in the license file, all the features licensed. but still didn't work compiling. 


2. I wasn't able to get an edf file after synthesis in MAX+PLUS II Advanced Synthesis. I did it with user guide. The user guide says that after synthesis, two files(.acf and .edf) will be generated. but I didn't get the .edf file with no error processing, only .acf and others. 


And I could see EPM9480, which is I'm working with, in device option only after installing MAX+PLUS II 10.23 Programmer only. 


Help me please. 

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