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I am amit. 

I am first time using the FFT core in Buffered Burst mode of I/O data flow. 

i am performing FFT at 30 MHz clock rate. my input data is available only for 34.786 micro sec. and after 5.9 micro sec data again will be available. means for 5.9 micro sec no data will be present at the input. i am taking 1024 point FFT and within 34.1 micro sec i have 1024 sample. but for next 5.9 micro sec no sample will be present. 

my problem is that complete cycle of sink_ready takes the 43.894 micro sec and input data of fft start after every 40 micro sec. so input data and sink_ready is not synchronize, 

is there any other way to control or to reduce or increase the time when the sink_ready is low. except by reducing the clock rate. 

buffered burst mode of operation is right or wrong. 

please help me if there is any other way to full fill my requirement.  


i am using quarts ver. 9.0, and arriaII gx fpga for development. 



i have also try the streaming mode but there source_error indicate the 1 means Sink_SOP is not proper. there is gap between sink_eop and sink_sop because of 5.9 micro sec where input data is not present. 


pleasehelp me. 

with regard 

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