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When using Active Serial programming, Can MT25QU01G(SO 16 PIN) device compatible with ARRIA 10 GX 057 device????


My customer's prototype board has two configuration headers with arria 10 057 and MT25QU01G.

One is Jtag header the other is ​Active Serial header. (I used USB Blaster made by terasic)

Jtag configuration and programming by the Jtag header work well. 

But Active Serial is not working. and an error message occurs (Can't recognize silicon ID for device 1) 

Yes, I confirm connection of USB Blaster with the correct AS connector and tens of time check the AS header schematics.


Quartus prime 18.1 version supports the MT25QU01G device in the device setting window. 

Also stand alone Quartus programmer supports the MT25QU01G device, when I make a .pof file.


But I can't program the MT25QU01G with AS configuration.....


I changed internal oscillator setting of Quartus setting window (100MHz to 12.5MHz, it is also not working.)  


At the web A10 SOC device is compatible with MT25QU01G........


I just want to know can A10 GX 057 device compatible with MT25QU01G?????

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Hi HPark14, A10 GX is compatible with MT25QU01G flash device. Did you select the correct AS configuration setting in Quartus? (Assignments --> Device --> Device and Pin Options --> Configuration --> Configuration Scheme) How about your MSEL pin? Did you select 011 or 010 for AS configuration? Thanks

Hi Shafiq,

I think i have solved the problem. The schematic and MSEL pin setting is OK.


I tested 2 USB BLASTER cables ( terasic usb blasterP0320 ) and USB BLASTER II)


When I use the BLASTER II, active serial programming works well.

But when I use ther TERASIC USB BLASTER, I can't programming with silicon ID check error.


TERASIC SUPPORT team said that P0302 terasic usb blaster cannot support 1.8V ARRIA10 VCCPGM.


Thank you for your help.