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Windows won't detect my USB Blaster II driver



I got a Cyclone II (DE2) card for a university class and I'm having problems with the drivers. I followed the instructions that said to update the driver using the path to the drivers folder of Quartus, but everytime I try to point the device manager to the usb-blaster-II folder, it says it can't detect any drivers. For some reason, if I point it to the usb-blaster (I) folder, it installs fine. But then my card doesn't work, because I need USB Blaster II. Using Windows 7 x64.  


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The USB vendor and device ID of the two blasters are: 

- USB Blaster: VID 0x09FB and PID 0x6001 to PID 0x6009 

- USB Blaster II: VID 0x09FB and PID 0x6010 

So if it installs the USB Blaster driver, the device register with one of the PIDs above. 

What error message do you get (in Quartus Programmer? or elsewhere?) when you want to use with USB Blaster (i) drivers? 




If you are really sure that you want the USB Blaster II driver you could try to install the (ii) driver in Windows testing mode. But this will require you to handle test-signing drivers as Windows enforces signed drivers since Vista. For more info on that have a look at the KMDF.