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XMC card design development

I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to put this question. Please direct me if there is a better place.  


I am in the process of trying to find or having to develop an XMC card that sends a small 40 bit message from a host processor to some custom boards we will develop. I'd like to use Altera because this is what I am most familiar with. We are building 3 custom boards and will need to implement the circuitry and receiving protocol on our side. There are very expensive $10K cards on the market. Xilinx seems to have a prebuilt solution on the XMC side but then we will need to do our own work on our board side. Our budget is $3K.  


Specs for the XMC card  

Aurora Protocol from mother board to XMC card might possibly be able to use PCI Express 

Protocol and medium from XMC to our 3 custom boards can be whatever meets the timing, Possibly fiber. 

40 bit Message from motherboard to custom boards including receive decoding <500ns 



Has anyone already done something like this or have seen a solution we can use?  

Anyone know of a reference design that we can use on our receive side boards? 

I would have liked an Altera or third party FAE to help us with the solution. We are in Central NY. How do I find out if there are FAE's to talk to?  

Can an Altera chip Stratix IV GTX or the like handle all the front panel data port communications or do we need conversion hardware from FPGA to Fiber, Giga bit speeds? 


Ken Samuelson
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