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communication using rs232 to pc

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i am using an cyclone 5 soc development kit. i programmed fpga and design is running fine. my result is storing in an 45 bit register in fpga @ of 200 hz. i need to transfer these values to my pc. ( i am using quartus) 


so i decided to use an rs232 uart from quartus & embedded command shell as software in pc. but problem is there is no user manual for this rs 232 can anybody please help me on this, how to use this rs-2332 ip (any document or demo program )? 

any help is really appriciated :) 


// unnamed.v // Generated using ACDS version 16.0 211 `timescale 1 ps / 1 ps module unnamed ( input wire address, // avalon_rs232_slave.address input wire chipselect, // .chipselect input wire byteenable, // .byteenable input wire read, // .read input wire write, // .write input wire writedata, // .writedata output wire readdata, // .readdata input wire clk, // clk.clk input wire UART_RXD, // external_interface.RXD output wire UART_TXD, // .TXD output wire irq, // interrupt.irq input wire reset // reset.reset ); unnamed_rs232_0 rs232_0 ( .clk (clk), // clk.clk .reset (reset), // reset.reset .address (address), // avalon_rs232_slave.address .chipselect (chipselect), // .chipselect .byteenable (byteenable), // .byteenable .read (read), // .read .write (write), // .write .writedata (writedata), // .writedata .readdata (readdata), // .readdata .irq (irq), // interrupt.irq .UART_RXD (UART_RXD), // external_interface.export .UART_TXD (UART_TXD) // .export ); endmodule  

above one is the uart ip module, in this they didnt provide any information regarding all signals lke chipselect,byteenable,read,write.... 


one more doubt is :: is this the correct way of doing this? 


inside my fpga there is arm processor. anybody here knows how to do this please share some information about it :) 


thanks and regards
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The blocks you are using are intended for Nios-II. That is a hard or soft processor that can be implemented on the FPGA. 


explains in more detail how to do rs 232C with these blocks. 


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