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create_generated_clock on multiple signals

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I have a large array of DDR outputs that are being used as clocks. I'm following an example from AN433.pdf, though the document describes the constraint for only a single clock. How can I do this multiple times without typing out every single element? For example, is there a way to simplify this: 


create_generated_clock -name output_clock_0 -source \[get_pins DDR|ddio_outa[0]|muxsel] [get_ports clk_out] 

create_generated_clock -name output_clock_1 -source \ [get_pins DDR|ddio_outa[1]|muxsel] [get_ports clk_out] 

create_generated_clock -name output_clock_2 -source \ [get_pins DDR|ddio_outa[2]|muxsel] [get_ports clk_out] 


create_generated_clock -name output_clock_59 -source \ [get_pins DDR|ddio_outa[59]|muxsel] [get_ports clk_out] 



It seems like there should be a something like a for loop like this (excuse the psuedo-code): 


for i in xrange(60): 

create_generated_clock -name output_clock_{i} -source \ [get_pins DDR|ddio_outa[i]|muxsel] [get_ports clk_out]
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SDC is Tcl, so you can use any Tcl constructs, like loops, to create constraints. See this page on Tcl I use as a reference all the time:
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Thanks sstrell! a TCL loop was indeed the answer. I did have a hard time with a few of the characters in the create_generated_clock constraint which prevented the loop variable from being inserted properly. I ended up having to create full strings and inserting them as variables in the constraint. Here was my solution for others to view: 


for {set x 0} {$x < 60} {incr x} { 

set PA_SCLK_source "{u_top_SOPC|the_core_$x|core_$x|clkGen_DDR_out_inst|ALTDDIO_OUT_component|auto_generated|ddio_outa[0]|muxsel}" 

set PA_SCL_pins "{PA_SCLK[$x]}" 

create_generated_clock -name PA_SCLK_$x -source [get_pins $PA_SCLK_source] [get_ports $PA_SCL_pins] 


This created 60 instances of the following with reference numbers incrementing (0-59): 


create_generated_clock -name PA_SCLK_0 -source [get_pins {u_top_SOPC|the_core_0|core_0|clkGen_DDR_out_inst|ALTDDIO_OUT_component|auto_generated|ddio_outa[0]|muxsel}] [get_ports {PA_SCLK[0]}]