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cyclone 4 remote update


on my board there is a pic uController and a ep4ce6 fpga (with epcs4 flash attached).  

They communicate with spi interface.  

The uC is the master and fpga is the slave.  

When i want to change something in vhdl design i change epcs4 image through uC SPI interface because pins used (DCLK,Data,ASDO and Flash_nCSE/nCSO) by FPGA to program itself from epcs flash, at board's startup, becomes general purpose pins after device configuration is complete. 


With this method i can update fpga by uC but i have to turn off and on again the board power supply in order to reconfigure in right way the fpga. 


I want to implement a remote update method using IP core ALTERA_REMOTE but i don't need a factory and application image, i simply want to change the boot image and reconfigure fpga from uC dedicated command (internal register). 


Is it possible to use only the signal reconfig in ALTERA_REMOTE ip and not watchdog etc... to reconfigure the fpga? I need to manage other IP input signals? 


Let me know.
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