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cyclone iii epcs, software fail to boot



The design is cyclone iii 3c55 with EPCS128. There is epcs controller in NIOS design. The sof and elf is ok when i use "run as hardware". But the software did not automatic load when power-up. The steps are most followed in this forum: 


sof2flash --epcs --input=hw.sof --output=hw.flash 

elf2flash --epcs --after=hw.flash --input=sw.elf -output=sw.flash 

# flash EPCS first with FPGA configuration 

nios2-flash-programmer --cable='USB-Blaster [USB-0]' --epcs --base=0x21000 hw.flash# flash EPCS with Nios firmware 

nios2-flash-programmer --cable='USB-Blaster [USB-0]' --epcs --base=0x21000 sw.flash 


I also tried the jic file. the software still cannot load after power-up.  


One thing I noticed, after power-up, when i run "nios2-terminal", I can see the result of software running. To my understand, nios2-terminal did not download the software (am i right?). But if i did not run "nios2-terminal", 

software did not run. 


What is the problem with my steps? or is there anything I need to check based on the thing of "nios2-terminal"? 


I use nios2-10.0 sp1. I suppose there should no epcs patch issue like 9.x. 


Thanks very much,
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I have almost the same problem. Does your software start if you do: 


nios2-flash-programmer --epcs --base=0x21000 --go 


after power up? This will poke my software into starting, but I can't get it to start automatically at power up.  


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The nios2-flash-programmer has a bug in it, 9.1SP2. When you program EPCS with it, it does not work. Create programming file using Altera Stand Alone Programmer, then burn the file into EPCS.

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