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having a devil of a time getting cyc iv gx transceiver kit to factory reset. usb blaster is not being recognized in windows 10. Ideas?


have done the usual reinstall and updates and such.

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Hello Welcome to INTEL forum. I was asked to help to look into this case. I’m suspecting maybe there is a problem with Altera USB Blaster Driver. Can you help reinstall the Driver again? To install the driver for your USB Blaster cable, follow the instruction. 1. Plug the USB-Blaster into your PC. 2. Open the Device and Printers (Control Panel | Devices and Printers). 3. Under Unspecified, USB Blaster should be listed. Right mouse click on this and then select Properties. 4. Select the Hardware tab and select Properties. 5. A new window should pop up with the General tab already selected. Select Change Settings. 6. Again a new window should pop up with the General tab already selected. Select Update. 7. Select Browse my computer for driver software. 8. Find <Path to Quartus II installation>\quartus\drivers\ (Note 1: Your altera file is located at the location you selected when you first installed quartus. The location listed in this document is the default location) (Note 2: Stop at the drivers folder, i.e., do NOT go deeper by opening a folder within the drivers folder) 1. Select OK. Make sure the proper path was selected then select Next. 2. If the Windows security window pops up Check the Always trust software from “Altera Corporation”box and select Install.
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