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low speed on hps to fpga bridge

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hi , 


i successfully implemented s system which is working on linux. my qsys system consist of a custom component running at 10khz ( output of a counter passing to hps (32 bit)) and hps (with only light weight bridge enabled) and a onchip memory. this is running on fpga part and from the c code i am printing the value to a serial terminal (putty). now the 32 bit value(which is updating in the fpga @10khz) is printing17 times. 


now i used the same system but instead of light weight bridge , hps to fpga bridge . because this have higher through put. i thought like in serial terminal the value will print more than 17 times, because i am using the higher through put bridge right. but its same !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only 17 times. 


how i changed to hps to bridge was: defined the 3 parameters and then just changed them like below 


while (1) { 


custom_slave_rw = (uint32_t*)(virtual_base + ( (alt_axi_fpgaslvs_ofst + rw_slave_ofst) & (hw_fpga_axi_mask))); 


uint32_t read_value = *custom_slave_rw; 




fpga is connected to the pc using rs232 uart cable ,buit-in in fpga. linux is booting from an sd card. 

why the 2nd time speed on terminal didnt increased ? 

any help is really appreciated  

if i am not doing the proper way please guide me in right direction :) 

thanks and regards
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maybe baudrate of putty terminal is the problem. anyway now i am trying to save the contents in a output.txt file inside the sd card where the linux is running. i checked the directory using ls command in putty. i can see it . is there any way to copy the text file to pc.(is it possible ?). when i tried to copy using scp commend from embedded command shell, its showing permission denied.  

so is it possible to copy it, if yes what is the command ?