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writing MAC address to Flash

I have a custom board with a CFI flash which is based on the Cyclone IV GX starter kit.  


I'm trying to get the simple socket server example working on the board, however the example is trying to look for the Mac address in flash memory. I know how to write POF's etc to memory boundaries however I'm not sure how to write the mac address to Flash and in what format. 


From looking at the Cyclone IV transceiver starter kit user manual ( the Ethernet options bits are at location 0x00008000 - 0x0000FFF is this where the MAC address sits? if so how do i get the 6 Byte Mac address format to sit at this address. ie a MAC address of 60-CC-62-64-42-46 to sit at location 0x00008000. 


Is there any thing else i need to add to flash in order to get the simple socket server up and running.
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