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2 volumes on a single Intel RST RAID1 (2 x SATA disks) array - rebuilding of volumes starts simultaneously, concurrently


Intel RST 16.7.9 on Windows Server 2019. Motherboard is ASUS Z8NR-D12, Chipset Type: Intel 5500, Intel ICH10R.


I use 2 SATA 6Tb disks. I create 2 RAID1 volumes - 2Tb (for MBR) and 3.5Tb (for GPT). It's works.


But when I replaced the disk and started rebuilding the array, the rebuild started for two arrays at once! This resulted in an increase in synchronization time of about 5 times!


Is it possible somehow to synchronize the arrays, not simultaneously, but one after the other? Perhaps there are some parameters or need a specific version of Intel RST?


Remark: I need a two-disk configuration to boot the OS from the MBR disk, my server does not support UEFI.

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Hello VTara1, Thank you for joining this Intel Community. We noticed that another ticket number was opened to address this issue. Based on your system configuration, you are using a motherboard with an Intel® Server Chipset (Intel® 5500 I/O Hub). We recommend contacting your motherboard manufacturer for further support. Wanner G. Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation
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