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4k native sector drives still not supported by RST?


just want to ask/confirm before buying a new hdd.. even with latest hardware/software (z170 uefi board, windows 10 in uefi mode, latest drivers), intel RST driver would still not support a 4kn drive, only 512e (with emulation)?

this old article is still correct? - "Intel® RST does not support 4k native sector size devices."

windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 officially fully support 4kn

seagate already offering 4kn sata drives (alongside legacy 512e models) too.

but for use with RST still not ok to buy?

512e may be bad for performance (as opposed to native) 512e 512e

so for new PC i was hoping to get 4kn, but i need RST driver to work with it too..

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Hello Alex31:

Thank you for contacting the Intel® Communities.

Currently we do not handle information about un-released/supported technologies, please keep an eye on the article mentioned for future possible updates.

I was checking that this article was Last Reviewed: 18-Dec-2015 because of that we can see that this information would be correct at the moment.


Esteban C

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