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Boot Failure after Rapid Storage Technology Install


l'm building a new system with an Intel DZ77BH55K board and i5 3550 processor, and wanted to try out the RST feature by using a Patriot Pyro 60GB SSD, and the Seagate ST1000DM003 HDD in the system. I've followed the instructions to the letter, and all appears to go well until I re-boot the system and won't start Windows. Just sits in an endless loop stating it's trying to make a link, just like starting the machine without a HDD in it. FYI, I'm using Win 7 Pro. All the drivers have been loaded with current updates and the RST version is 11.xxxx which came with the motherboard utilities disk. Any help is appreciated.

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Afternoon; Unfortunatly it sounds like a management issue,as usually is the case with custom's, Being a (Unique Build) always throw's unforseen hurdles at you. One tip of advice would be to stay focused on why a connection issue? Firstly; (Being) a Unigue Custom- You may not have the complete software revision's you need to establish the Link it is looking for; Whether it be SP1 Issues; Or properly fit Hardware driver's. It is always wise to list & go through all the check's & balances with the build. Ex. When I installed Windows 7-32 Bit, And reinstalled Windows-64 Bit on my DP55WG Media Series; I could not establish an ethernet connection with the manufacturer's disk. I had to have a resource disk copied, From Intel Update Utility; For My 7.1 Bios Update. P.S. ...Sugestion; Have your Local P.C. Tech Supply you with an Updated Disk from Intel,for your Hardware & software driver's & provision's. & try installing them. This might resolve your connection issue's. If not, You may just have a confiuration issue with compatability of hardware.

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