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Can someone instruct me on what this means and what I have to do? I don't know much about computers. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


I also attached SSU and the report from IRST.

I have a RAID 0 (striping).

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From what I see,


  1. You have a 1TB (931.51GB) HDD.
  2. You have a 75GB SSD. 64GB if this SSD is assigned to be an Intel SRT acceleration cache for your HDD. the other 11GB is available and appears as a small SSD.
  3. This 75GB SSD appears to be failing. You continue to boot from and run off the HDD, but the acceleration cache is presumably not working.


You have a couple of choices:


  1. Remove the failing SSD and continue to run the system with (just) the HDD.
  2. Replace the failing SSD and re-setup the Intel SRT acceleration cache.


Both options require that the SSD be removed from its current role. This entails going into the Intel RST OpROM by pressing CTRL-I during BIOS startup and marking the SSD as not in the array any longer.


If you decide to add another SSD and use it as a cache as you were previously, add the SSD, boot into Windows, run the Intel RST program and then set up the Intel SRT caching as you did previously.


Hope this helps,


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Thank you. I'm going to Google some of what you said so I can understand more. This is outside of my knowledge :)


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