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How to verify if SSD cache is enabled?



I have a Lenovo U530 which has a 1TB HDD and 16GB SSD. I have installed Windows 7 over Windows 8 as the operating system. I have installed Intel RST, but cannot find any accelerate option as suggested in other forum questions. For reference, I am attaching screenshots of RST and system report generated by RST.


I have installed ExpressCache also. According to its statistics, it seems like ssd cache is working, but I am not quite sure when I look at performance. I am attaching its statistics.


I have a few questions -

  • How can I verify SSD cache is enabled?
  • If its working fine, how can I boost its performance?


Please let me know if you require any other information.



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Hello SSing67, Thank you for posting on the Intel® Communities. For this to work with the Intel® RST and the Intel® Smart Response Technology, you need a Solid state drive (SSD) with a minimum capacity of 18.6 GB. Make sure to check this information: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000005501/boards-and-kits.html The latest Intel® RST version that supports Intel® SRT is Intel® RST 15.9. I am unable to provide any comments regarding the third-party tool you are using. You will need to check with their support for your questions since this is not an Intel tool. Amy C Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation
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