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IRST 'BIOS' screen keep appear during boot and Accelerated device show "none".



Hi again, related to the issue I posted before./message/198272# 198272 http://communities.intel.com/message/198272# 198272

Summaries; Toshiba re-enable the SSD cache after the faulty HDD replacement (also put back the Win7 factory default installation), they used diskpart and set id=84 to put back the Hibernation partition. Now I have two questions.. hope someone can assist.

1. Now every reboot this screen appear. Normal? How do I suppress it. The status is disabled.

2. Why it show Accelerated Device as none? The service man said this is normal.. And I can't change the mode.

I wonder should I upgrade the iRST to version 12..

Thanks & Regards.

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In this case as I can see in the screenshots the SSD is provisioned for acceleration however a device (or volume) has not been selected to be accelerated.

What you would need to do is to select a drive using the option indicated in the control panel. Or, you can click on Reset to available, which will disable acceleration completely and then you can reconfigure it as normal.


Thanks Diego for your reply.


1. new notebook start to slow down from time to time and found SMART reported an error.

2. Bought it to Toshiba service center, they took several days to replace the hard disk.

3. After I got for several days, found the system isn't as fast as before and found the 'Accelerate device; none', and believe the ssd isn't caching the new hard disk.

4. tried to resolve the issue myself, by select "Select device" in the accelerate tab and selecting the hard disk to accelerate, but to no effect.

5. Next tried the "reset to available" option.. (if I recall correctly), then the accelerate tab/button don't appear anymore.

6. Bought it to Service center again, the service engineer reset back to the above state (with 'Accelerate device = none'). I told him this don't look right.

7. He did the 'recovery' step again, using diskpart to remove ssd, create the cache volume and hibernation partition.. the result is the same. He then went inside his office, saying he will check with his senior, when he got back, he said this is normal. I've no experience with iRST to said he is wrong and Toshiba should restore it back to correct condition.

FYI, in another thread Kevin_intel suggested do a low level format of the SSD, but also contact Toshiba to check will this void the warranty.

My concern; Toshiba will void my warranty or charge to service it as they deem my action is the cause of this issue. I've wrote to local Toshiba support, but there is no reply.. I guess I need to write to Toshiba.com.


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Formatting the SSD is done to delete any partition that could be installed in the SSD that could prevent the SSD to be recognized as a possible drive for cache acceleration. However in your case, you may need to check if this would void the warranty.

In fact the issue could be related to the cache and hibernation partitions that your Original Equipment Manufacturer is creating in that SSD drive, probably you can ask them to disable the hibernation feature and not using any partition on the SSD, try to enable acceleration and see if that works.


Hi Diego, the local email support isn't a technical support channel.. I will need make a trip to the service centre again to ask this question.. will it void the warranty.

When I got the notebook, the cache is working fine.. even after I upgrade to WIn8Pro. That is with the hibernation partition. From pervious experience with the service centre, they state they are responsible to put it back to factory default, I doubt they will agree to the suggestion above.

The problem now is, the engineer said it is working fine as it is now.. it is like that.

So far there is no suggestion from Toshiba.com forum too (like the local Toshiba email support)

Guess I've to figure myself.. and void the warranty. Or another trip down and spend hours there to convince them it is not.