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IaStorDataMgrSvc barely application log entries



I have Intel Rapid Storage Technology installed on Windows XP Pro 32bit SP3 on a RAID 1 system. IAStorUI works fine. To perform some automated tasks on RAID status change, I have to analyse the windows event log.

In the windows application event log, I get some IAStorDataMgrSvc events (Event ID 0), but only with description "Service started successfully" or "Started event manager". I do not get any information about the RAID status, not in either application or system log. On old intel driver versions, iaantmon would provide information about the RAID status that I could use.

Maybe, there is just a setting or a registry entry that I need to change to get more information in the event log. Unfortunately I did not find it yet.

Does anybody have a hint about this? Help is greatly appreciated!



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