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Quite suddenly one day, I switch on the laptop and the machine is processing very, very slowly. Reviewing the task manager (which comes on after a great length of time) it appears that my disk drive is functioning continuously at 100% . Other aspects such as CPU processor speed, RAM memory are all normal. Hence any task I endeavor to launch takes an exceptional amount of time.

After many reboots the problem still persists and the only thing I can ascertain is there is this icon on the left of my task bar for "Intel Rapid Store Technology", which states that "RST services are not running" with a circular arrow on the icon, trying to do something to this function. I don't really know but believe this to be the source of the problem.

Ideas anyone? Solutions anyone? It would be much appreciated. And please consider me a tech novice - so simple English instructions/solutions, if possible.

I use a Dell 7348 machine with Windows 10 Home.

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First of all, unless you are using RAID or SSD Caching, you do not need Intel RST and can uninstall it. This will tell you if it was responsible for the issue (I highly doubt it).

In previous situations with similar symptoms, the issue is usually the result of the Windows Update service installing a new version of a device driver - one that is not 100% compatible with your actual hardware. By default (read: unless you have had problems with one), you should be running the versions of the device drivers that Dell provides for you on their web site. These are the versions that Dell has fully tested. It is certainly possible that a driver update could cause issues like this (including with Intel RST).

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