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Intel RST driver install prevents win7 from starting



If I setup a 4 disk raid0 array, then install win7 on it, then - after installing the latest intel RST software the computer will not reboot. It hangs on the 'starting windows...' screen or halts at classpnp.sys when trying to start in safemode. This same scenario is fine with a single disk install or a 2 disk raid0. I don't understand why it wont work with a 4 disk raid0 - nor am I able to fix it. A reinstall is the only way.

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Hi there!

I need more details about your system configuration. Based on the problem description, it looks like volume capacity limitation. Please bear in mind that there is a limitation of 2TB per volume.

What is your computer model?

What is the ICH?

hard drive size?



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Hi Allan,

Motherboard is an Asus P8Z68 v-pro, Z68 chipset but I'm not sure what the ICH is?

The hard drives I was trying to use are 4 western Digital 256 GB sata2 drives, so total capacity of the raid0 array is only 1 tb. Note I succesfully tested with 2 seagate 1.5tb drivers in raid0 (formats to 2.7tb array) which I find strange that the RST software shows the array size as 2.7tb even though windows7 will only allow the partition to be 2tb max as you mentioned. I worry that this may cause some problems if I were to continue using this array?

After trying the 4 drive array around 10 times I tried with the 2 seagate drives (even though I don't want to use them in this system) and it worked without error.

Interesting to note that with the 4 drive array the online Intel driver update utility would not recogonize the ICH as even existing (so the list would show only 4 items, yet with the 2 drives mentioned above the online tool recognized and offered updates to the RST software. I really don't understand why the 4 drive array is rejected.

Full system spec:

Asus P8Z68 v-Pro

8 gb Mushkin ddr3 ram pc16000

Antec 1200ax PSU

i7-2600k cpu

AMD 6990+6970 gpu

3 23" 1080p monitors

DVD burner.

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