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Intel RST gets BSoD IRLQ not less or equal on windows 10 FastStartup

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If anyone is interested, newer Intel RST fixed this problem.

This was happening on my Laptop MSI GT70-0NC running Windows 10 x64 Ver 1709 and also after upgrading to Windows 10 x64 Ver 1803 build 17134.1

Here is the configuration:

BIOS level is E1762IMS.30U, 16GB RAM, Sata array Raid 0 60+60GB, Sata Hitachi HDD 699GB, External Sata WD Mybook 1TB.

Failing with Intel RST level

The failure does not occur on Restart only on Fast Startup after a shutdown and only with a specific sequence.

Turning off Fast Startup in the windows control panel is a workaround that hides the bug.

With Fast Startup turned on the BSoD occurs every time the laptop is powered up after a shutdown and after turning off power to the External Sata Drive.

If the External Sata drive power is left on the bug may not show.

I think I isolated the problem to the Intel Rapid Storage Technology program so I downloaded the latest version that I found from the Intel support site, that fixed my problem.

Failing version was (BSoD IRLQ not Less Or Equal on Fast Startup ).

Woking version is (Finally no more BSoD on Fast Startup)

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