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Intel RST not working. Mobo or CPU issue? (Assertion failed) Pic of error included.


Hey folks,

About 2 months ago my SSD cache decided to quit and I couldn't start up the RST as it'd spit the following error every time:

I even reformatted my computer, updated the BIOS and it still came out with this error. After much troubleshooting and other problems arising, (Sound not switching sources properly, GPU drivers stop working) I've come to the conclusion it more than likely be the motherboard. My hardware supplier seems to think it could even be the CPU.

It was bearable until today, I didn't really feel the problem that much until today when I went to start up the computer it BSOD'd on me 3 times with 0x0A.

If any of you wonderful people could shed some light on this it would be much appreciated!


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